Selling & Faith

Zig Ziglar has been quoted to say “You can have whatever you want as long as you help enough people to first get what they want.” This quote was referenced in a recent blog that discusses 7 principles of persuasion for getting what you want, that author raises the inevitable question, “Are these tactics manipulative?”. The author’s response is that when used with integrity and with client’s best interest in mind, the principles are beneficial to all.

Though Zig’s motivation can sound somewhat self-serving in this quote, it has been phrased differently as “Help enough people get what they want and you can have what you want.” One might say that helping others get what they want and keeping a client’s best interest in mind as a matter of principle can be a way of “loving your neighbor as yourself” – one of Jesus Christ’s greatest commandments.

How do you think Zig’s faith has impacted his ability as a salesperson? If you are in sales, how do you think your faith or lack of faith reflects on your sales abilities?