Past Life Regression


Have you had déjà vu, but known that you could not have had the experience in this life before?  Do you naturally gravitate toward different areas of the country, unique interests or have an uncanny ability that was uncovered later in life?  Are you currently facing an obstacle that makes you feels like you are a gerbil running on a wheel but not getting anywhere?


Past Life Regression is a hypnosis technique used to access memories of past lives that we only think we have forgotten. The body is merely a vessel. Our spirit is wiser than any computer program of modern day. It records all of the lives, acquaintances, and lessons of our present life as well as lives we once lived.


Through hypnosis the client is able to access this information, solve present day concerns and bring to the surface answers that may lie deep, within the subconscious.


As a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Cindy can guide you on this journey successfully and if appropriate clear up issues that perhaps have held you back from being your best.  Some clients wish to trace their past back to answer questions they have been facing.  Others may just wish to go on a journey to wherever their mind may take them.


Whether you wish to solve a current dilemma or just go to whatever life your spirit guides you to, insight can be gained by your past self that can be applied to today’s experiences.


For more information  or to schedule your appointment call 973-383-6847 or email cindy (at) freshlookonlife (dot) com .

*Those suffering from schizophrenia or unable to have a touch on reality should not consider Past Life Regression.


It was SO lovely to meet you today! I had such a positive learning experience with you and want to thank you so much! You are a major bright spot in the world!

Many thanks and many blessings to you!

V.C .- Oakland, NJ

My Mom was dealing with multiple health issues which were annoying and being persistent and prolonged. She began getting depressed. We began weekly Reiki treatments and immediately my Mom relaxed. She began to smile and joke again which is her normal default personality. I had not realized how long her smile was gone until it returned. She began to do more because she could. She felt better…more like herself! Cindy is a caring, compassionate practitioner who really focuses on her client and cares that he/she improves.

I have worked with her for past life regression hypnotherapy myself. I was amazed how Cindy made what I had always thought to be a strange questionable phenomenon easy and beneficial with her precise finesse and guidance. I was able to uncover why I had seemingly innate, random attachments to certain people, places or/and things. Cindy knew how to guide and direct the session in order to make it enlightening, tremendously helpful and much to my chagrin, fun, as I was slightly apprehensive about delving into such an area. Cindy is a trustworthy professional who knows all aspects of the healing arts for which she is a practitioner. I offer the greatest recommendation I can: I bring my family to her. And we are always better off for it.

Jane, Andover, NJ