Members Only Section for Finding Peace in an Out of Control World Readers

Welcome to the members only section for readers of Finding Peace in an Out of Control World!

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Find peace—and keep it!—with this uplifting book that focuses on balanced living through mind, body, and spirit.


~ The intention of this section is for members to have a place to connect, share, and support one another on their spiritual journey toward peace.


~Think of this as a virtual book club.  Although all members are encouraged to enjoy Finding Peace in an Out of Control World at their pace, you may find there are others who are pacing right along with you. Feel free to schedule times that you will meet online to discuss your growth!


Please Do

~If there is something you want to offer gratitude to, please share it.

~If you overcome an obstacle or reach a goal, please feel free to share your achievements!

~Cheer one another on along your spiritual journey.

~Keep this the environment as it is intended; one of peace and support.

~Remember to always choose kindness with fellow members and yourself.

~Watch for updates and meditations beginning with the first one-helping you to connect with your inner-self.

~Help to foster and build a community of support and tell other positive individuals about it.

~Enjoy your journey!


 Please Don’t

~Please do not share your username or password with anyone.

~Please do not use this page as a place for self promotion. (Nobody likes to get telemarketing calls at home when they are relaxing. This is a virtual place intended for all of its members to relax.)

~Please don’t use the content of this page and/or book as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.


The content of this page and book is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  All content is intended in a general nature.

Fresh Look on Life LLC and its owner does not assume responsibility for posts of its users. While we make every effort to keep the environment one of peace as intended, if there is content unbecoming of this environment, please e-mail [email protected]


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