Expert Life and Business Coaching

Whether you are making changes in your career, personal life, or searching for your life’s purpose, Cindy can guide you through life’s transitions or assist you in getting to the next step.Coaching

Cindy uses a combination of modalities to help you to find the answers that you seek and exist within you:

Hypnotic Coaching – Hypnosis is used to “turbo-charge” your coaching process.  Cindy guides you to access your subconscious to uncover your desires, ultimately creating the life of your dreams.

Law of Attraction – Learn how to apply the “law of attraction” on one or several areas of your life to attract the life you desire.  Cindy shows you how to apply these principles step-by-step to manifest your dream life.

Life Coaching – Bridge the gap between what you have and what you want. Uncover what is “missing” to create balance in your life. Live your life with more self-awareness and fewer obstacles.

Small Business Coaching – Gain confidence, sharpen management skills, and obtain greater clarity on your business goals. Move to the next level with ease and grace.

Executive Coaching / Business Coaching – Gain self-awareness and navigate through challenges. Create the corporate culture you desire.

Health and Wellness Coaching – Cindy will support you by: creating a comprehensive health and wellness plan that speaks to you and meets your needs; moving through blocks that keep you from maintaining optimal health and wellness; moving through blocks that keep you from maintaining optimal health and wellness; designing a plan that meets your needs.

Spiritual Coaching / ” Life’s Purpose ” – This is where Cindy will support you on your spiritual journey and uncover your “life’s purpose”. She will guide you to find “your  inner guidance” regarding spirituality/your life’s purpose.

Whether you know where you are going and you just need guidance to get there or you need help uncovering what your true desires are …Cindy can assist you in creating a plan to create the life of your dreams.

To schedule a coaching appointment with Cindy or for more information call 973-383-6847 or email cindy (at) freshlookonlife (dot) com .