Fresh Look on Life News-Happy February~ Living on Love!

Happy February! This month is National Heart Month~ and of course, we cannot forget Valentine’s Day! I have always loved February. Maybe it is because the whole month is surrounded by hearts and focuses on love. Maybe it is because it refocuses our attention and reminds us to care for our bodies~ specifically our hearts. Maybe it is because it is the month I was born and no matter what is going on in my life, I always take the time to catch up with friends to celebrate how important they are to me. People who know me well, know I never resist an opportunity to say “I love you” to those dear to my heart any time of the year.

Some people live cautiously. I don’t mean cautious to avoid dangerous situations. I mean cautious to resist feeling emotions. They try with all their might to prevent themselves from failing at anything or feeling emotional pain. When we never allow ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone, we never get to experience the passion that goes along with pursuing and reaching a goal that felt like it was just beyond our reach.

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you saw Patriot’s hero Malcolm Butler make the winning interception. Just four years ago the rookie was working at Popeye’s, but dared to dream of more.

This morning I received a call from somebody who had dreamed of moving across the country for nearly two decades, but she never gave up. Today she received an offer letter for her perfect job in the city she has dreamed of relocating to.

Eight years ago I was working in Corporate America and resigned to persue my passion of working in the holistic community. I knew I never wanted to wonder “what if”. Today I am a #1 bestselling author, television talk show host, and I have a thriving practice. My latest book, Finding Peace in an Out of Control World, continues to hover at #3 on the Best Sellers List for Hot New Releases for Stress Management.  You can find it on

Wishing you a loving February that involves your dreams becoming reality!

I wish you peace, love, and joy beyond your imagination!



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I have been busy with radio and television interviews for my book (there is even a News Brief about Finding Peace in an Out of Control World in this month’s “Natural Awakenings Magazine”), but will be putting some new exciting classes and workshops on my calendar soon-along with some of your old favorites!