Stress Management

Practical Tools for Handling Stress & Managing it in Your Life

Are you tired of being stressed? You are not alone, but this may help.

Location:  Augusta, NJ
Time: 7:30-8:30pm
What is stress?  Why are you feeling it?  This workshop was designed to help you better understand why you are feeling stress and help you to work with it to find peace.
  • Learn why you feel stress.
  • Learn tools you can use every day to handle your stress.
  • Learn simple changes you can make in your life to lessen your stress levels for good.
  • Meditation download included!
As you continue to use the tools and incorporate the changes we discuss in the workshop you will find that you are not only better equipped to manage your stress, but feel more like yourself again!
Early Bird Registration: Register by Nov 1st and pay just $20!