Mission Statement

It is the mission of Fresh Look on Life to provide high quality holistic services that are delivered with compassion. We understand that many individuals seek holistic services as a last resort. We do not take that lightly. The services that we offer will be offered only after extensive studies and preparation to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit from each visit. Our services support individuals and corporations in discovering a fresh look on life and thus, making the positive changes they want to make in their lives and corporate culture-whether mind, body, or spirit in nature.

The founder, Cindy Nolte, has completed extensive studies in the body, mind, spirit connection with some of the foremost teachers in their subject area accross the US & Canada. Stressing balance as a key factor in wellness, Cindy insists it is also paramount in productivity in the work place. Born and raised in Sussex County, NJ, Cindy offers affordable, high quality services to meet the needs of her community with the benefits of her widespread knowledge. Fresh Look on Life was founded in 2007 and was one of the first to offer quality holistic services to the area and remains the trusted provider in the area- receiving referrals from healthcare providers as well as loyal clientele.

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