Jin Shin Jyutsu ®
Pain free ….1st time in 4 years! Thank You Cindy!!!!!!! will be seeing you again soon <3

Cindy Nolte is one of those people that after you meet her, you’re changed forever.

I’m writing this to you so you can let people know just what Reiki has done for my friend’s son.
My Friend’s son’s name is Mike, and he has Leukemia. He had been through all of the crap that Drs. put you through and they had said his last hope was to have a bone marrow transplant. His sister was a perfect match, but Mike had gotten sick and was not recovering and all his counts were bad and the Drs. had said that there was nothing they could do, that he would not make it.
Well Cindy I had asked you to do Reiki on him and within the week he was well enough to have the transplant!!!! He is recovering nicely!! I want to ” THANK YOU CINDY!” from the bottom of my heart. I know it was the Reiki that healed him to get well enough to have the transplant because the Drs. had done nothing else. So God Bless You and Please keep up all the tremendous work that you do. You are truly Blessed!!

I had been practicing Reiki for several years prior to meeting Cindy, but working in retail. She filled in the pieces that I was missing so that I had the knowledge and courage to start doing this as a career. Thank you for your compassion, support, and for sharing your knowledge with me.
Reiki Master/Teacher-Scott Twp, PA

I had taken Reiki I from another Reiki Master/Teacher before I met Cindy. I thought the class that Cindy taught was much better than my first Reiki Class. The first one was “done” to me and I felt like I was involved in this one. It made the experience much more intense and personal. In my mind the healing feels much more intense and real.
JB, Stillwater, NJ

A Reiki I student who took Cindy’s Reiki I workshop after already attending one through a different Master/Teacher: Thank you for filling in all my gaps so that I feel more comfortable with my path to spiritual healing.
Dot, Newton, NJ

I was told in the past that I could not be hypnotized. Not only were you able to hypnotize me, you were able to comfort me and allow me to concentrate on the changes that I was there to make. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience and I have been a nonsmoker for 2 weeks so far.
SM-Newton, NJ

I came to Cindy for hypnosis. I had been smoking since I was 13 years old and wanted to quit for my health and to be a good example for my daughter. The experience was very relaxing and so easy for me. I have been a nonsmoker for 1 year and 6 months now. Thank you!
Chuck W., NJ

A car accident left me in daily excruciating pain. I was in a state of desperation and depression, letting my injuries and fear of the unknown control my life. I feel like a new man.  I have shoveled my long driveway, been to a concert, been able to walk and hike through NYC which had been impossible to do without experiencing blinding pain in the past, all without needing any Prescription Pain Medication. My pain levels have been a 5 after engaging in physical activity, when I would be at an easy 10 in the past. I honestly was at the point that I had been calculating how many years I had left in life to ensure my family was taken care before I could escape the pain, while now I am rediscovering life.
I would not recommend ANYONE for something as serious hypnosis unless I could stand behind them and Cindy has helped me more than any surgeon or “specialist” has been able to thus far in 3 years.

Past Life Regression
It was SO lovely to meet you today! I had such a positive learning experience with you and want to thank you so much! You are a major bright spot in the world!
Many thanks and many blessings to you!
V.C .- Oakland, NJ

My Mom was dealing with multiple health issues which were annoying and being persistent and prolonged. She began getting depressed. We began weekly Reiki treatments and immediately my Mom relaxed. She began to smile and joke again which is her normal default personality. I had not realized how long her smile was gone until it returned. She began to do more because she could. She felt better…more like herself! Cindy is a caring, compassionate practitioner who really focuses on her client and cares that he/she improves.
I have worked with her for past life regression hypnotherapy myself. I was amazed how Cindy made what I had always thought to be a strange questionable phenomenon easy and beneficial with her precise finesse and guidance. I was able to uncover why I had seemingly innate, random attachments to certain people, places or/and things. Cindy knew how to guide and direct the session in order to make it enlightening, tremendously helpful and much to my chagrin, fun, as I was slightly apprehensive about delving into such an area. Cindy is a trustworthy professional who knows all aspects of the healing arts for which she is a practitioner. I offer the greatest recommendation I can: I bring my family to her. And we are always better off for it.
Jane, Andover, NJ

Animal Reiki
student with Fresh Look on Life. I look forward to all that Cindy has to share. She is not only a great teacher, but I also am honored to call her my friend.
Robin, Glen Gardner, NJ

I spent a lot of money on other treatments with other practitioners for my German Shepard. Not only did I see more results with considerably less money spent when Cindy came to offer my dog Reiki, I have never seen him react so positive to anyone he met before. Thank you!
Jill, New Jersey

I called Cindy after being up all night researching what I could do for my beloved dog. Her bloodwork was off, but the veterinarian could not figure out anything further they could offer her. I asked if she would travel to the animal hospital. Not only did she agree, but she also answered my questions and booked an emergency appointment. My girl was not eating or drinking prior to her session. The veterinarian did nothing further, but within 24 hours she was eating and drinking again. She left the animal hospital this morning and is herself again.

Anonymous, Montague, NJ

Law of Attraction
After attending the Law of Attraction seminar just one week, I was able to apply the information discussed into my life. I have never had the courage to speak up for myself, but the workshop showed me that by accepting unwanted behavior I was attracting more of the same. You changed my life!
Linda, New Jersey

Understanding Your Partner on a Spiritual Level
I was hesitant to attend the “Understanding Your Partner on a Spiritual Level” lecture, but my wife asked me to come with an open mind. After attending, I see that we are so much more than our bodies. I truly enjoyed this experience!
JL, New Jersey