Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Sussex NJWHAT IS ANIMAL REIKI?  Does your animal companion have a health issue that you have not been able to provide them relief? Are they stressed?  Do they experience aches, pains or emotional issues? Reiki has great healing qualities that can be helpful to the body, mind and spirit of animals just as with humans.  One big difference is that animals seem to have a natural understanding of reiki even if they have never received it. Certain animals can also be more sensitive than humans so it is important that the practitioner give the animal the choice of how/if they will receive reiki.

I decided to learn animal reiki when my six year old Golden Retriever was showing signs of arthritis as well as stress.  He began to gain weight as many senior dogs do when they get arthritis.  Within one year of receiving reiki, Sam, my Golden Retriever lost 21 pounds, and he continued to take half hour walks daily again-and he was much more relaxed too. People commented that he looked like a new dog! Even his veterinarian could not believe how good he looked. Reiki gave him a quality of life that allowed him to thrive, run, walk and play. I understand how it feels when you want to help your animal when they are hurting.  I will be forever grateful for Sam’s impact on my life in motivating me to learn animal reiki so that I can continue to offer this wonderful healing energy to other animals in need.  Reiki works wonderfully in conjunction with any treatment set up by your veterinarian.

Call Cindy to see for an appointment for her to help your animal companion or for more information call 973-383-6847 or email cindy (at) freshlookonlife(dot) com .


I found Cindy via my health care in PA. She had a flier remarking on being able to work on dogs and cats. I rang regarding my older dog. We made a date for Cindy to come to my house and give a Reiki treatment to her. Well Madeline really had a good experience with this. Isabella my other dog just soaked it up too! From there I’ve had Reiki myself and have also become a “regular” student with Fresh Look on Life. I look forward to all that Cindy has to share. She is not only a great teacher, but I also am honored to call her my friend.

Robin, Glen Gardner, NJ