Do you have a special gathering planned that you would like to add a positive twist to?  Cindy can come out to your gathering to offer her services.  She will work with you to help you choose from the list of services that she offers to meet the needs of your group.


Some sample parties include:


  • Past Life Regression Party: After a short discussion of what a Past Life Regression is attendees are led through a past life regression session that will give them insight to  obstacle(s) that they may be currently facing in their life now.

  • Connect to Your Angels: After a discussion on the Archangels, attendees are led through a guided meditation to connect with the Ascended Master(s) and Angels.

  • Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and/or Integrated Energy Therapy mini sessions: Clients will experience a mini session (10-15 minutes) sampling that will assist them in relieving stress and balance the energy in their body.  Energy disharmonies can be the cause of body, mind, and spirit issues. Balancing the energy can help to give relief to physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms that were caused by these disharmonies.

  • Speak with Cindy personally to design your own party theme based on the skills and expertise that she holds.


$222 for parties up to 8 attendees. (Larger parties can be accommodated for an added fee.) Parties are a total of 2 hours unless alternative arrangements are made in advance.

*Price based on local travel area.