Coaching Rates

Do you feel stuck and don’t know which way to go? Do you need help getting to the next level in your career? Do you feel like time is moving too fast and your dreams are out of reach? Coaching can help you to decide where you want to go professionally / personally and set goals to help you to get there.

Leading executives often hire personal coaches to help them to achieve new levels of success.

Whether you are making changes professionally, personally, or both, I would be honored to assist you in getting to your next step and beyond.

Coaching sessions start at $85/ session.

Packages can be purchased for:

  • 3 months $80 /session = $1,040 (13 weekly sessions)
  • 6 months $75/ session = $1,950 (26 weekly sessions)
  • 1 year $65/ session = $3,380 (52 weekly sessions)


Ask about corporate consulting agreements to help your department or organization to achieve new levels of success!