Trim Your Thoughts~ Trim Your Body-Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Week 2


3 weeks (1 hour) (Please come ½ hour early if you wish to “weigh in”.)

Date-Thursday, January 16, 2013(Continuing 1/23, 1/30)  Augusta, NJ  7:00-8:00pm



Did you set a New Year's resolution to lose weight?  Have you picked out the perfect skinny outfit to wear on Valentine's Day, but you would like a little support?  Have you tried to lose weight in the past, but have found yourself on yo-yo diets?  Often the missing component to making lasting change is altering the “mind” component that causes individuals to slip back into old habits.

Hypnosis is voluntary focused concentration.  In the relaxed state of hypnosis a client is more open to accepting the helpful suggestions offered to your subconscious.


Come join the group weight loss program that will kick start your weight loss and offer you an opportunity to even get a “buddy” to support you through the process.


Each in-person 3 week attendee will receive:

  • A cd to listen to at home to reinforce the helpful changes that your subconscious mind accepts and to promote stress relief.

  • Optional “weigh ins”

  • Buddy system for support


 ~ Can’t make either class?  No problem-register as a Skype participant and you will receive:

  • A link to download the session right to your home at your convenience.

  • Skype clients enjoy the privacy of their own home and can choose to share in the energy any time they like by listening to their downloadable link.

Early bird savings available if you register by January 7, 2014 ~3 Week Package-$120

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Would you like to give group hypnosis for weight loss a try but just want to participate for one week?  You can enroll for 1 week only for just $45.  That is a savings of $40 off of the 1-on-1 session rate!

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