Group Past Life Regression


Location:  Augusta, NJ


Have you had déjà vu, but known that you could not have had the experience in this life before?  Do you naturally gravitate toward different areas of the country, unique interests or have an uncanny ability that was uncovered later in life?  Are you currently facing an obstacle that makes you feels like you are a gerbil running on a wheel but not getting anywhere?


Past life regression is a tool that can assist you in uncovering the knowledge that you have within.   Get new answers to old questions, explore where talents may have originated or just have some fun.  Take a journey into another lifetime through hypnosis to gain insight into obstacles that you are currently facing.

Date- Thursday, October 24, 2013


Each participant will:

  • Take part in a short discussion and lecture of what a past life regression is.

  • Go on a journey to another lifetime to obtain lessons that can be applied to obstacles they are currently facing if it is appropriate.


Register by September 30, 2013 and SAVE!  Pay Just $35!-Early Bird Rate Extended to 10/20




Regular Registration Fee- $45